“Youth Bus” is the world's greatest youth mobility project, lasting for eleven years, and it is free of charge. Within the scope of “Youth Bus”, 550 young people have visited 34 countries and 48 cities free of charge in the last eleven years. No participation fee or any sort of fee is required from you for our project. No-one can demand you transfer any payment to a bank account. Please be careful for fraudulent people abusing the name of our project.

The participation requirements for our project are as follows:
Turkish, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Belgian, Dutch, Austrian, Czech, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Croatian, Irish, Swedish, Latvian, Lithuanian, Luxembourgish, Hungarian, Maltese, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Greek, Russian, Azerbaijani, Kuwaiti, Qatari, Emirati citizens can participate in our project. The necessity for being a student is not included in our requirements.

You need to have “Youth Bus Project Youth Card” for participation in our project. You can buy your card from our application page. (This is a card formed to offer discounts. Please follow our website and social media account for these discounts.)

All the candidate participants need to set up their application profile and submit their applications for approval. (Please read the chapter entitled “How to Apply” carefully to perform your application.)

All submitted applications are evaluated by a general coordinator and subject to preliminary assessment. The applicants passing the preliminary assessment have to express themselves about why they should be chosen in a three-minute video.

The applicants passing the preliminary assessment have to upload their videos to YouTube and copy its link to “Youth Bus Video Application” part included in applications link on our website and submit it for approval.

The applicants passing video assessment process qualify to be a participant in our project. We advise you to benefit from our “Youth World” website to be successful in each process of assessment.

The results of preliminary assessment are declared within the first week of the month following the month when you have submitted your application. For example, if you have made your application in September, the results of your application will be declared on October 5 at the latest. So, please please follow your application status within the five days of the month proceeding the date (month) of your application. (If you check for it earlier than the determined date, you get the response “user not found”). You can find out the status of your application by writing your passport number on the application inquiry screen. No email is sent to you whether your application is accepted or rejected. You have to follow all the application process in our website on your own.
Totally 14 countries and 19 cities will be visited within the scope of “Youth Bus Project”.
Countries and cities to be visited: Bulgaria (Sofia), Romania (Bucharest), Hungary (Budapest), Austria (Vienna), Czechia (Prague), Germany (Berlin), the Netherlands (Amsterdam), Belgium (Brussels), France (Cannes, Nice, Paris), Spain (Barcelona, Madrid), Monaco (Monte Carlo), Italy (Venice, Pisa, Florence, Vatican and Greece (Thessaloniki)

“Youth Bus Project” will last for 27 days and hotel accommodation will be organised for 18 nights. People selected for our project will attend the activities in three groups. However, those active and successful in the project can be included in two or three group.

Our “Youth Project 13” will be held between 01.07.2022 and 27.07.2022.

Those participating in our project in the first group will visit Bulgaria (Sofia), Romania (Bucharest), Hungary (Budapest), Austria (Vienna), Czechia (Prague), Germany (Berlin) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam) between 1 and 12 July 2022.

Those participating in our project in the second group will visit the Netherlands (Amsterdam), Belgium (Brussels), France (Paris) and Spain (Madrid, Barcelona) between 11 and 20 July 2022.

Those participating in our project in the third group will visit Spain (Barcelona), France (Cannes, Nice), Monaco (Monte Carlo), Italy (Venice, Pisa, Florence, Rome), Vatican and Greece (Thessaloniki) between 18 and 27 July 2022.

Thank you for your interest.

MCD Youth Agency reserves the right to make changes in all the circumstances and requirements of the project.