How to Apply

Dear Youth Bus Applicant,

Welcome to our project first of all.

We would like to remind you that you have not completed your application for Youth Bus by just registering to our website.

To complete the application for our project, you need to set up your applicant profile with no deficiency and submit it for approval.

Please take the following steps to complete the application process, by logging in to our system:

1. Upload your profile photo.
2. Enter your personal data accurately and save it in the section “Personal Information”.
3. Answer all the questions in the section “Application Profile’ and save your responses.
4. Buy your “Youth Bus Card” from the section “Card Application” on your profile page. GO Youth Card costs 50 Euros.

The button will be activated following the completion of this process and you can submit your application for approval.

Note 1: If you cannot submit your application for approval, this means there is a deficiency in one of the steps mentioned above. Please make sure you have completed all the required steps.
Note 2: It may not be appropriate to complete your application at one time. For this reason, you can complete your application profile in several days. When you answer each question, you can save your answers and edit them whenever you wish.
Note 3: When your application is approved, the logo “Youth Bus” appears near your name. If your application is awaiting approval, this means your application is in the process of evaluation. If your application is rejected, update your application profile and re-submit it for approval.
Finally, please follow our social media and your application profile frequently to avoid missing the notices and news for our Youth Bus project.
Each application profile is evaluated by the General Coordinator.
MCD Youth Agency has the right to make any sort of change concerning the project.