General Information

Project Owner: MCD
Implementing Institution: MCD Youth Agency
“Youth Bus Project” is totally free of charge. any sort of fee is required from you for our project. No-one can demand you transfer any payment to a bank account. Please be careful for fraudulent people abusing the name of our project. If you experience such cases, please complain to the prosecutor’s office.
You need to have “Youth Bus Project Youth Card” for participation in our project.

Accommodation and Dining Expenses

The accommodation needs of all the participants will be met by the project organisers. Accommodations will be provided in hostels and hotels in the cities visited. Participants will stay for one day, or two, three or four days in each city.
Participants will meet their own dining expenses during the “Youth Bus Project”.

Transportation Expenses

Part of the transportation expenses within the scope of the program for the participants will be met by the organising committee. Participants will meet such expenses as train, underground, bus, transportation expenses, foreign departure fee, foreign health insurance themselves. Participants choosing flight as the means of transportation will meet their own expenses.

Passport and Visa Process

All the participants chosen for the “Youth Bus Project” will deal with their visa procedures themselves.